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For over Five and a Half decades,Sur Iron's Welding Division has had a pioneering role on the Design, Development and the Manufacture of Arc Welding Equipment in India.

Sur Iron is one of the oldest and now amongst the most modern companies in India serving all the Welding User Industry segments. Logically a very sound R&D & Quality base is the center stone of achieving these objectives.

The Company's Welding Division over the years has continually augumented its technology base through aquisition of technology from countries like Japan, Italy, etc. This helped the Company to move with time to meet newer challenges of the 21st Century.

The R&D objectives :-

To provide an easy opportunity to customers to sustantially increase the machine utilisation to leading to increased arcing time and resultant welding productivity.

To considerably reduce (or possibly eliminate) in-process weld defects and consequent expensive repairs.

To substantially reduce the demand on skill of the welders resulting in less fatigue. This considerably help in improvng welders' motivation.


Sur Iron's Welding Division has received ISO 9001:2000 accreditation. Quality Manual,
Procedure, Practices and so on is strictly adhered to in full details while meeting the standards.Beside the above, all National and International standards are met at the products level to achieve the desired output quality as defined by the customer both in house and overseas.

The total objective is always to strive to achieve cutomer satisfaction at the Company level through Continuous Improvements of its products and services.

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